Sports & Fitness

Club Physiotherapy Ltd

Available at Hulley's

Physiotherapy for the treatment of:
- Sports injuries
- Back and neck pain
- Pre and post operative rehabilitation
- Muscle, tendon and ligament problems
- Joint conditions
- Whiplash
- Chronic injuries
- Sports and lifestyle specific musculoskeletal analysis for the prevention and cure of chronic injuries
Treatments include:
- Manual Therapy
- Myofasical release
- Joint manipulation and mobilisation
- Soft tissue mobilisation
- Acupuncture
- Electrotherapy
- Taping techniques
- Exercise therapy
Sports Massage treatment aims to:
- Improve flexibility and mobility
- Reduce tension and anxiety
- Prevent Injuries
- Reduce pain
- Remove waste products built up through exercise
Clinical Pilates for treatment of:
- Back and neck pain
- Postural problems
- Pre and post natal
- Sport specific rehabilitation
- Injury prevention
- Reduced flexibility
Services include:
- One to one sessions
- Group classes
Clinical Pilates Classes
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To book an appointment or to speak to us contact us:
Telephone: 01625 510394
Mobile: 07375 026978
All Physiotherapists are Chartered and registered with the HPC.
Health Insurance welcomed.