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Ordinary Member

An Ordinary Member is a member of staff based at any of the AstraZeneca/MedImmune sites around the UK, including temporary and contract staff.

Cheshire Ordinary Membership Form UK Ordinary Membership Form

UK = UKMC, Horizon Place, Cambridge, Speke

Link Member

Each Ordinary Member of ClubAZ can have up to five Link Members attached to their membership. Link Members are anyone who an Ordinary member wishes to attach to their membership, for example family, friends, neighbours.

To become a Link Member of ClubAZ you will need to complete the form below which must then be signed by the Ordinary Member you will be linked to.

Link Membership Form - Cheshire Link Membership Form - UK

UK = UKMC, Horizon Place, Cambridge, Speke

Please note that if an Ordinary Member cancels their membership at any time, any Link Members will become invalid.